Generals play to win and like competition. They thrive on confrontation and interaction but are very luck averse. They act strategically and respect aggression.

Architects like to create, build, and expand. They are conflict averse and are only interested in their own success as long it doesn't interfere much in others affairs.

Masterminds like long term strategic planning and are highly luck averse. Positive or negative interaction, they are not easily distracted and play for the final payoff.

Conversationalists view games as a means to an end. The type of game doesn't matter as long is it isn't too complex. Win or lose - they just want to spend time with others.

Barbarians are rebellious and seek out conflict. Outlandish scenarios and randomness are what they live for. They are tactical, unpredictable, and enjoy fast-paced games.

Narrators like intricate themes and good looking games. They want to enter into the world of the game and feel like what they are doing impacts their character's story.

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