Upcoming Projects

Word Swap is on its way out to backers and in the mean time we have already begun work on several other projects. As we make progress, we will update this page with new information and go into more detail for each as development gets into the playtesting phase.

All of the information below is subject to change. Projects shown on this page have reached a point where the initial game structure and rules have been laid out.

Disclaimer: All artwork on this page is not my own - it is only displayed to convey theme.


Collect resources, claim territory, and hunt gators in this swamp-themed, tile-laying game


2-6 players, ages 8+, 60-90 minutes


Early stages of design - tile design, rules/mechanisms determined, artwork laid out.

Early prototype nearly complete to begin rough playtesting.


Fight to be the last one standing in this real-time western-themed card game


3-7 players, ages 12+, 10-20 minutes


Early stages of design - card distribution, rough rules/ mechanisms determined